Intralogistics 2016

FLANDRE AUTOMATION wishes to thank you for your visit to our exhibit at the Intralogistics Exhibition which took place from 22 to 25 March 2016 in Paris-Nord Villepinte.

Many of you have come to discover our new real-time alert app and we thank you for your interest in it. We hope that the experience of our employees and our various services related to automation & industrial computing will add value to your automation processes.

We remain at your disposal for any further information.



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Technology Fast 50

Since 2001, Technology Fast 50 has been promoting and encouraging the development of companies focusing on innovation and growth in high technology.

The 16th edition of the Technology Fast 50 has rewarded the fastest-growing technology companies in the last four years in France.

The 502 companies participating in Technology Fast 50 National 2016 have an average growth rate of 230% and an average turnover of € 16,108K.

Although we did not receive a prize when we first entered the competition, we are pleased to be part of these innovative and growing companies.

Congratulations to the winners of this year 2016 !


VERPOM takes intralogistic management to the next level

The customer :

For over 25 years, VERPOM has been collecting and packaging potatoes produced in collaboration with farmers from various production areas in France. VERPOM is a major player in the French and international market.

Right across France in just 24 hours, VERPOM delivers: washed, unwashed potatoes and onions in all the forms of packaging requested by the customer and adapted to the country of destination.

The need :

To ensure and drive its growth, VERPOM wanted a complete management of its internal flows from arrival of raw materials to the packaging lines and shipping.

The solution needed to guarantee:

  • Flexibility to manage different products and volumes
  • Quality of product delivery and customer satisfaction
  • Quick transfer of products in order to reduce non-production time, so ensuring quality and maintaining freshness

Our solution :

FLANDRE AUTOMATION integrated the complexity of the flows into dynamic and connected supervision, allowing visualisation and control of all flows. This solution manages all product transfers :

  • From two independent washing lines to 20 storage units and a Big Bag station
  • From the storage units to the 10 packaging stations

This solution is based on a transfer mechanism offering a multitude of possible paths to transfer a product from one point to another. When equipment is unavailable, an alternative path can be activated to ensure the transfer of perishable products within the specified time.

The control command of this installation is managed by an automation architecture composed of:

  • 2 Schneider Unity PLCs
  • 3 operator screens of Vijeo designer type
  • 40 Schneider ATV speed controllers for precise adjustment of band speeds (flow rates)
  • CanOpen and Industrial Ethernet networks guarantee connectivity and global supervision.

Benefit :

This solution now allows VERPOM to manage its trading activities better by ensuring full traceability of all the intralogistics flows.


PHILIPS LIGHTING in Val-de-Marne is ready for the connected industry.


The customer :

PHILIPS LIGHTING, a leading company in the lighting market, is widely recognised for the development, manufacturing and application of innovative LED solutions.

Their warehouses in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges (Val-de-Marne) serve the French and Southern European markets.

The need and the operational complexity :

In order to ensure the maintenance and productivity of the logistics centre, PHILIPS LIGHTING wanted to replace the 4 PLCs managing the Picking conveying system on the four floors going to two sorters. The installation has no fewer than 365 motors and about 5,000 inputs/outputs. The system sorts about 45,000 parcels/day.

Our solution :

As a SCHNEIDER Alliance integrator for over 10 years, FLANDRE AUTOMATION has installed the new SCHNEIDER Modicon M580 PLCs. These are the very first all-Ethernet Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC) in response to the new automation architecture requirements of the connected industry. The set is installed in an Ethernet RIO network for inputs/outputs, allowing for the seamless management of communications from the enterprise to the instrumentation level. Below, you will see the configuration of one of the 4 Automates M580 that we installed :



Benefits of the solution :

This solution provides PHILIPS LIGHTING with enhanced and precise control of flows, quicker response times, optimised warehouse security and future development opportunities towards the implementation of an OpenWCS.