PHILIPS LIGHTING in Val-de-Marne is ready for the connected industry.


PHILIPS LIGHTING in Val-de-Marne is ready for the connected industry.


The customer :

PHILIPS LIGHTING, a leading company in the lighting market, is widely recognised for the development, manufacturing and application of innovative LED solutions.

Their warehouses in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges (Val-de-Marne) serve the French and Southern European markets.

The need and the operational complexity :

In order to ensure the maintenance and productivity of the logistics centre, PHILIPS LIGHTING wanted to replace the 4 PLCs managing the Picking conveying system on the four floors going to two sorters. The installation has no fewer than 365 motors and about 5,000 inputs/outputs. The system sorts about 45,000 parcels/day.

Our solution :

As a SCHNEIDER Alliance integrator for over 10 years, FLANDRE AUTOMATION has installed the new SCHNEIDER Modicon M580 PLCs. These are the very first all-Ethernet Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC) in response to the new automation architecture requirements of the connected industry. The set is installed in an Ethernet RIO network for inputs/outputs, allowing for the seamless management of communications from the enterprise to the instrumentation level. Below, you will see the configuration of one of the 4 Automates M580 that we installed :



Benefits of the solution :

This solution provides PHILIPS LIGHTING with enhanced and precise control of flows, quicker response times, optimised warehouse security and future development opportunities towards the implementation of an OpenWCS.

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